Video Campaigns

Video campaigns are a great way for you to captivate your audience by condensing a lot of information into a very short period of time. If you do it well, your audience will always remember your message.

It’s common for you to think that video campaigns take a lot of time and money to produce. You don’t need a summer blockbuster sized budget to make your high quality video campaigns. It comes down to the message you want to say and a proposed style will be tailored to suit your budget.

How to create your video campaign with us

A collaborative, hands-on approach ensures your message and brand is clearly understood. This ensures your video campaign truly communicates the proper message to your audience.

Here’s an idea of what’s involved:

Pre Production

Pre Production

It’s time to brainstorm ideas and plan what’s needed for the video. A creative brief, script and storyboard are created, amended, tossed out the window and restarted to get the best ideas and outcomes for your video.


Lights, camera, action! We’ve spent the time planning and now it’s time make those shots!

This is the time where it all happens – the audio is rolling and the talents are ready to do their part on screen.


Post Production

Post Production

Editing, the art that is frequently overlooked, can make or break your video.

Combined with colour editing, graphics work and sound mixing, your video will be polished for final delivery.

Video Gallery

Watch a selection of videos we’ve produced for a variety of brands.

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