About Wayne

Hey there,

Self Portrait of Wayne Wong | Photography by Wayne Wong (www.wayne-wong.com)

So you’ve probably come to the About Page hoping to read something I wrote about myself in third person….sorry. Also sorry, you’re not going to find the conventional (and very boring) spiel about my background that’ll make your eyes glaze over.

Usually this is the part where you want to find out about how I studied Multimedia in university. It’s also the point where you’re supposed to find out how I picked up photography because someone gave me a camera. It’d be a terrible cliché if that was the case. Oops! They did (secretly, I got super lazy painting and drawing).

You definitely won’t find the formulaic paragraph mentioning about where I’ve worked (pssst – New York, Prague, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney to humble brag a few).

I haven’t appeared in Vogue (yet!) – myself and my work. I like working locally where I reside. My work has appeared on the covers of Expat Parent several times and Playtimes magazines in Hong Kong. Some photos have appeared in Macau Closer, Fashion Journal, Revolution Magazine and Australian Mountain Bike Magazine over time.

The final part of the About page is always the most awkward part – the extra personal stuff so you have an idea of the artist’s character and personality. I’ll share with you my favourite end of the day. It’s kicking back, after walking extra miles for the people I love to work with, and enjoying a nice champagne (or single malt whiskey) celebrating another successful shoot that brought in results that exceeded expectations.

Again, sorry for not going with conventions and providing something written in third person to sound important. If you really must read something in third person, here’s an archived version of my About Wayne page from Google (it really is from Google).

If any of the above attempts at terribly dry humour hasn’t deterred you, feel free to join me on Facebook and Instagram.